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Getting help with Medicare shouldn't cost you.

It's when you don't get help, that it can cost you, big time.

Meet with a local representative to review your plan and make sure it fits your needs & budget.

There is no cost to schedule an appointment with a professional insurance representative who knows how to help you navigate the complexities of Medicare. 

One couple we helped saved over $1800/month on their insurance costs and got the coverage they need. While that story is not typical, it is typical that Medicare beneficiaries have a plan that does not fit their needs & budget. You may pay too much for coverage you don't use or do not have enough coverage. Understanding the cost and benefits of plans can be complicated. We are here to help you understand. Call us or fill out the form and a representative will contact you to schedule a no cost, no obligation appointment.

Annual Election Period is from October 15 - December 7. Don't miss your chance to find the right plan for you.

*Encore Financial Group nor its representatives are associated with the Federal Medicare program.

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Get help with Medicare now before it's too late.

Open enrollment ends December 7.